Representative Mark A Wheatley

Democratic Member of

The Utah House of Representatives

I am happy to endorse Alex McDonald for Weber County Commissioner. 

I have worked closely with Alex as he has been at the forefront in drafting legislation for life saving procedures, which have been of great benefit to those needing services. 


Alex  knows the legislative process and knows the value of establishing strong relationships with legislators in passing bills which benefit our community.  He will be a tremendous asset in this position.

G. Barton Blackstock

Retired State of Utah Dept. of Public Safety

Bureau Chief and Deputy Director

"As both a  Bureau Chief and Deputy Director for the State of Utah Department of Public Safety, Driver License Division, I had the privilege of working with Alex for several years.


 I was continually impressed with the thoughtfulness and creativity Alex exhibited when encouraging people to register as organ donors. His relationship with the Department, legislators, and the media made his organization one of, if not the top, organ recovery organizations in the nation.  


However, the most important quality he will bring to the Weber County Commission is his willingness to listen to all sides of an issue before making a decision.  


You may not always agree with his decisions, but you will always know that the decisions he makes are based on the best information available from all sides.


Weber County would be exceptionally well-served with Alex on the Commission."

Claire Larson

Transplant Recipient

Claire Larson

Transplant Recipient

"I have had the honor and privilege getting to know Alex McDonald in the last four years and honestly am so grateful for all the wonderful work he has done promoting the need for organ donation. 


You see, I was one of those fortunate people who received the gift of life thanks to the relentless work of Alex and his staff.  He has the ability to create and build connections and relationships that are very valuable in this day and age. 


In his tenure, he has increased the number of donors and he has done this by connecting and working with business, political and health care leaders.  He has done this in a non-profit environment with limited resources. 


His relationship building, listening skill and looking at the needs of the individuals without any hidden personal agendas. 


The willingness to help others on a personal level by empathizing and understanding is why  Alex McDonald has my complete endorsement! " 

Steven Harrison

President of Bach Harrison, LLC, Survey Research & Evaluation Services

As President of Bach Harrison, LLC, Survey Research & Evaluation Services, I have known and worked
with Alex McDonald for over 25 years. 

Over those many years, I have witnessed Alex’s ability to make both Utah and Idaho leaders in the
country for organ donation.


He has done that through creativity, ingenuity, and superior communications.
He is data-driven to make sound decisions and is very thoughtful about how precious resources are

As a grandfather to a very precious granddaughter that received a kidney transplant when she was just 2
years old, I certainly appreciate the miracle of organ donation.


Through Alex’s efforts, organ donation is
steadily improving in Utah and hopefully will continue to provide organs to those in need. During our conversations, I have been impressed with Alex’s concern and drive to help others in need.


I am certain he will use those talents in his future work with Weber County.
For these reasons, I endorse Alex for Weber County Commissioner.

Lillie Kaster

Yes Idaho, Utah and Wyoming Program Coordinator

I would like to endorse Alex McDonald for Weber County Commissioner. 
I meet Alex 4 years ago when I lost my son to a tragic accident. He was able to save 5 lives through
organ donation.

Shortly after that, my older daughter was competing in a rodeo queen contest and chose to honor organ
donors and recipients.

A few weeks later while meeting with Alex and another friend, we formed the Yes Idaho, Utah and
Wyoming Rodeo Ambassadors program.
It has been a great venture as Alex didn’t know the first thing about rodeo, but was willing to get his boots
dirty and back our program to the fullest. He even attended his first rodeo the night the donor dress my
daughter was going to wear was revealed.

Alex has been a great leader in helping us to learn the ins and outs of organ, eye, and tissue donation, all
the while he was learning about rodeo (or should I say trying to learn). One day we might even get him to
ride a horse!

He guided us on making good choices, doing our best to educate others with a limited budget.

Alex wasn’t afraid to get in and get involved. He helped write our guidelines for our 4 queens and many
national ambassadors. He always worked to get our program the media attention it needed to reach

If Alex didn’t know the answer to an issue, he eagerly found us one.
 This program was a way for my family to continue the memory of our son/ brother.


Through this program
we have seen so many miracles. It’s helped change the lives for many others, many of our national
ambassadors have a family member that has been personally touched through organ, eye and tissue

Because of Alex, our program is being looked at in other states who are interested in starting their own
Yes program.

Alex was not only a great leader but has become a great friend. He also has a great sense of humor, and
not afraid to jump into any task with his full attention and ability,
I know that Alex will do the best for the people in Weber County as he has been with our program and
each ambassador.

It has been a great honor to work with Alex and create the first national non-profit, Rodeo Ambassador
program. that has had our patch approved by both the PRCA and PBR. It is an amazing program that
educates others about the most selfless gift one can give: A second chance to help others.

So please just say “YES” to organ donation and electing Alex as your next Weber County Commissioner.

Rocia Mujica A. Mejia

Minority Outreach Specialist


As a Hispanic community leader, being the bridge of different cultures, I have worked with Alex for two decades which has given me the opportunity of being under his direct leadership. It has been a privilege to serve under his direct guidance and supervision. Alex has been my mentor on organ and tissue donation platform.


One of his best and most important qualities is his capacity to listen to people’s concerns without judgment, and how he truly cares about people and their situations. He reaches out to all diverse communities to help get a better understanding of what their needs are.


Alex has the leadership abilities to calmly get through tough times and treats all people with respect. He will bring those qualities to the Weber County Commission.


Alex, thank you for your dedication to your employees, to the community uncountable tiresome years of service, and most importantly, the gift of your friendship.


Weber county would be exceptionally well-served with Alex as Commissioner. You will be thankful for having a representative that is responsible, charitable, and respectful.

David N. Sundwall, MD 

Emeritus Professor of Public Health

"Alex and I worked together on the Kurt Oscarson Children's Transplant Committee.


I found him to be caring, creative and dedicated to helping families in crisis with their children's transplant needs.


He will show the same care and compassion for the citizens of Weber County and works well with many varied agencies."

Tracy Schmidt

President/CEO DonorConnect

Hi, I’m Tracy Schmidt, and I was Alex’s boss for 27 years.


What has always impressed me about Alex was his ability to reach out to others to gain insights, find common ground and work together to make both Utah and Idaho leaders in organ donation.


For those 27 years, he was always at, or under budget, looked for ways to save money, be efficient, and at the same time excel at getting out our life saving message.


His ability to work with anyone to achieve success has served the organ, eye and tissue community well and will serve Weber County too. If I lived in Weber County I would vote for him!

© 2020 Alex McDonald for Weber County Commissioner