David N. Sundwall, MD 

Emeritus Professor of Public Health

"Alex and I worked together on the Kurt Oscarson Children's Transplant Committee.


I found him to be caring, creative and dedicated to helping families in crisis with their children's transplant needs.


He will show the same care and compassion for the citizens of Weber County and works well with many varied agencies."

"As both a  Bureau Chief and Deputy Director for the State of Utah Department of Public Safety, Driver License Division, I had the privilege of working with Alex for several years.


 I was continually impressed with the thoughtfulness and creativity Alex exhibited when encouraging people to register as organ donors. His relationship with the Department, legislators, and the media made his organization one of, if not the top, organ recovery organizations in the nation.  


However, the most important quality he will bring to the Weber County Commission is his willingness to listen to all sides of an issue before making a decision.  


You may not always agree with his decisions, but you will always know that the decisions he makes are based on the best information available from all sides.


Weber County would be exceptionally well-served with Alex on the Commission."

G. Barton Blackstock

Retired State of Utah Dept. of Public Safety

Bureau Chief and Deputy Director


Claire Larson

Transplant Recipient

"I have had the honor and privilege getting to know Alex McDonald in the last four years and honestly am so grateful for all the wonderful work he has done promoting the need for organ donation. 


You see, I was one of those fortunate people who received the gift of life thanks to the relentless work of Alex and his staff.  He has the ability to create and build connections and relationships that are very valuable in this day and age. 


In his tenure, he has increased the number of donors and he has done this by connecting and working with business, political and health care leaders.  He has done this in a non-profit environment with limited resources. 


His relationship building, listening skill and looking at the needs of the individuals without any hidden personal agendas. 


The willingness to help others on a personal level by empathizing and understanding.  Alex McDonald has my complete endorsement! " 

Steven Harrison

President of Bach Harrison, LLC, Survey Research & Evaluation Services

As President of Bach Harrison, LLC, Survey Research & Evaluation Services, I have known and worked
with Alex McDonald for over 25 years. 

Over those many years, I have witnessed Alex’s ability to make both Utah and Idaho leaders in the
country for organ donation.


He has done that through creativity, ingenuity, and superior communications.
He is data-driven to make sound decisions and is very thoughtful about how precious resources are

As a grandfather to a very precious granddaughter that received a kidney transplant when she was just 2
years old, I certainly appreciate the miracle of organ donation.


Through Alex’s efforts, organ donation is
steadily improving in Utah and hopefully will continue to provide organs to those in need. During our conversations, I have been impressed with Alex’s concern and drive to help others in need.


I am certain he will use those talents in his future work with Weber County.
For these reasons, I endorse Alex for Weber County Commissioner.

© 2020 Alex McDonald for Weber County Commissioner